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Kefir water is good for me?? by Gayleen M

The bubbles mingle and rise in my champagne flute, chilled and delicious - I quaff the contents. But wait!  This is good for me? 

Only 48 hours after Kimberley's intro session, I'm enjoying my first glass of home made Kefir water. Just 5 minutes a day effort and I'm growing my own probiotic beverage, and already I can feel the difference.

"These tiny little globule looking grains have powerful probiotic properties,” is what Kimberley told me as we examined the jar. 

Some of the benefits of kefir water are:

 * It aids digestion

 * Improves gut health and is therefore immunity boosting

 * Kicks sugar craving’s butt big time

 * Has a toning effect on the abdomen (aka flat belly)

 * It appears to help cleanse the liver

 * Contains high levels of minerals like potassium, natual sodium, calcium and magnesium

 * Appears to be beneficial to the endocrine system - adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and ovaries (great for women)

 * General feeling of good health and increased energy.

 I nearly fell over backwards when Kimberley explained that you make water kefir on sugar. 

Yes! Sugar!!!! 

How can a drink made on sugar be ‘good’ for you?? My fears were calmed when I learned that Kefir is a lacto-fermented drink and the grains ‘feed’ off the sugar - which means we don’t end up consuming it. Phew!

Thank you Kim for the easy instructions and opportunity to nourish my family and myself! 

Gayleen M

Marriage Celebrant 

West End  QLD

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